Miracles are not happening in my church / town

Written by Doug Collins

Wish this (Miracle) was happening in my town

Wish this (Miracle) was happening in my town. Need more of this signs and wonders as not much of it going on in the churches around us.
Mggilles Hope on Windsor on Fire

Be the first disciple in your town

The church is not an institution, it is a people.  You are one of those people who is loved by God so so so much you will never know just how much.   And he wants you to love people like he does.  He wants you to free them from their prison of illness.  Set the captive free.  Don't worry about what the others are not doing.  Let God birth a vision in you and start doing it.  The others will follow.  One things is for sure, if you do the same as everyone else, nobody will follow you.  Let the change you want to see start with you!!  We are commanded by Jesus to make disciples,  and to teach them everything He has commaned us.  Why? so we can set them free.  His goal is love, because He is love.  He wants you to grow in love so much you can't help but want to set them free, and to teach them everything about Jesus.  Not in an institution, not just because you were commanded to by Him, but as loving kind friend a friend who wants to help them find freedom, find the Truth of Jesus that will set them free.  God has placed you exactly where you are.  If you start healing the sick, teaching people about Jesus, others will follow.  AKA Make Disciples.  Jesus commanded it, lets do it!  I encourage you to come get kickstarted.  We will teach you what you need to start living this life :)

Doug Collins

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