Privileges control what you can do on Gain more privileges by increasing your reputation you receive for your contribution.

Points Privilege Description Type
1 create posts Ask a question or contribute an answer creation
5 participate in meta Discuss the site itself: bugs, feedback, and governance communication
10 create wiki posts Create answers that can be easily edited by most users creation
10 remove new user restrictions Post more links, answer protected questions milestone
15 vote up Indicate when questions and answers are useful moderation
15 flag posts Bring content to the attention of the community via flags moderation
20 talk in chat Participate in the site's chat rooms communication
50 comment everywhere Leave comments on the other people's posts communication
75 set bounties Offer some of your reputation as bounty on a question creation
100 edit community wiki Collaborate on the editing and improvement of wiki posts creation
100 create chat rooms Create new chat rooms communication
125 vote down Indicate when questions and answers are not useful moderation
200 reduce ads Some ads are now automatically disabled milestone
250 view close votes View and cast close/reopen votes on your own questions moderation
500 access review queues Access first posts and late answers review queues moderation
1000 established user You've been around for a while; see vote counts milestone
1000 create gallery chat rooms Create chat rooms where only specific users may talk communication
1500 create tags add new tag to the site creation
2000 edit questions and answers Edit to question and answer are applied immediately moderation
2500 create tag synonyms Decide which tags have the same meaning as others moderation
3000 cast close and reopen votes Help decide whether posts are off-topic or duplicates moderation
5000 approve tag wiki edits Approve edits to tag wikis made by regular users moderation
10000 access to moderator tools Access reports, delete questions, review reviews moderation
15000 protect questions Mark questions as protected moderation
20000 trusted user Expanding editing, deletion, and undeletion privileges milestone
25000 access to site analytics Access to internal and Google analytics milestone